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millinery and things that contain, Jesus and Sarah

We girls have been so busy! (and a little bit short on funds) So the thrifting, and blogging of it, has taken a bit of a backseat. I finally got a peaceful weekend with nothing to do but clean my disaster of a house- so I went on a road trip all by myself. It was a short trip to our neighbor state of Oklahoma, but the small town antiquing did not disappoint!

Some items in these pictures were found locally (the books, some containers,vintage hangers) and the rest were found in various small towns in Oklahoma.


I love vintage millinery. It is quite popular however, and a single rose can sell for $15! I paid $2 for one hat, $7 for the other. I will be plucking the flowers and leaves and repurposing them in future projects. That sweet peach baby bonnet was only $4! It has such pretty detail. Don’t you think it will make a lovely addition to the nursery? Vintage hat stands are popular right now too. I hate to think I am a follower. The wooden ones I have found locally have been priced from $20 – $60. When I found this pink one for $6, I had to buy it. I think it will find a home in Brooklyn’s room.

My closest salvation army sells hardback books 3 for $1.05. I dug through and picked out the oldest ones, and a Harry Potter book of course. I am excited to read The Flapper Wife.


I have been so drawn to containers lately. Especially vintage containers in pretty subdued colors. 


The Jesus print was a special find, as I had badly wanted a larger version I found at the flea but unfortunately had to pass up. This was my first find on my road trip, and I knew it was meant for me.

I don’t know why I keep buying these vintage hangers. Maybe it’s the vintage satin and velvet fabric. Or maybe it is because they are only 29 cents at the Treasure Chest.

Do you see the lovely silver dresser set and that beautiful white platter? Emily found those for me!! Is that girl good or what? I love the patina of the silver, and old white dishes make my heart sing. I have a hutch full. 


Meet Sarah. She was too cheap inexpensive to pass up. I don’t know much about these pincushion girls, except that they are always priced high. This one was a bit frazzled, like me. She even still had some pretty pins in her tushion. She gladly resides now among the white dishes.


I hope you are all scoring great finds with the winding down of garage sale season! Should you hit a dry patch, hop in the car and drive to the next state over if you have to!

Wishing you green lights and happy finds!




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Favorite Finds: Thrifted Russel Wright (!)

I I don’t believe I have ever found a piece of Russel Wright’s American Modern dishes in a thrift store. Ever. I’ve seen Franciscan out the wazoo, tons of California pottery, carnival glass, Morris chairs … you name it. But never Russel Wright.

Well. That all changed today. We’re in southern Arizona visiting Brian’s parents, so we set out this morning to see what yard sales are like in this area (more on this later). Afterwards, we hit a couple of thrift stores in Sierra Vista. I was surprised to discover that the prices are considerably higher here than at Wichita thrift stores. I only bought a few doll arms (50 cents) at St. Vincent de Paul and after scanning the shelves at the Salvation Army I didn’t think I’d fare much better there.

The first thing I looked at were a couple of state souvenier glasses, which I’ve also never seen out thrifting. (I have a fairly sizable collection, but I’ve purchased all of mine at auctions or well-priced antique malls.) These weren’t in great condition and were priced at $5 and $6, so I passed.

Then the crowd parted, a ray of light streamed down from the acoustic tile ceiling, and I saw them.

Three small salad bowls in chartreuse (my favorite color in the series), coral (my least favorite) and seafoam. Six plates. A couple of other coral serving pieces.

I’m on an extremely tight budget, so I knew there was no way I’d be able to afford them, especially given the other prices I’d seen ($3 apiece for Canada Dry Ginger Ale glasses, to cite one example).

The six plates were marked as a set for $8.99. The bowls were $2.50 each. At $13.49, this would be my biggest splurge of the trip, but undoubtably the best deal I’d come across so far.*

So of course I bought them.

I left all the coral serving pieces behind. Hopefully they’ll make someone else’s day.

I have lots more to report on, including a few thrifting stops in New Mexico on the way here. Some of the pictures are on Flickr already.

Until next time, happy thrifting!

*I sold American Modern at my shop. The plates went for $10/each and the small serving bowls would have been $30 apiece.


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Favorite Finds: Groovy high chair

[vintage highchair – $6.98!, originally uploaded by Thrifted Sisters.]

Kali squealed, then Melissa and Emily ran over and assured her she would be crazy not to buy it. $6.98 at the Value Center.

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