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millinery and things that contain, Jesus and Sarah

We girls have been so busy! (and a little bit short on funds) So the thrifting, and blogging of it, has taken a bit of a backseat. I finally got a peaceful weekend with nothing to do but clean my disaster of a house- so I went on a road trip all by myself. It was a short trip to our neighbor state of Oklahoma, but the small town antiquing did not disappoint!

Some items in these pictures were found locally (the books, some containers,vintage hangers) and the rest were found in various small towns in Oklahoma.


I love vintage millinery. It is quite popular however, and a single rose can sell for $15! I paid $2 for one hat, $7 for the other. I will be plucking the flowers and leaves and repurposing them in future projects. That sweet peach baby bonnet was only $4! It has such pretty detail. Don’t you think it will make a lovely addition to the nursery? Vintage hat stands are popular right now too. I hate to think I am a follower. The wooden ones I have found locally have been priced from $20 – $60. When I found this pink one for $6, I had to buy it. I think it will find a home in Brooklyn’s room.

My closest salvation army sells hardback books 3 for $1.05. I dug through and picked out the oldest ones, and a Harry Potter book of course. I am excited to read The Flapper Wife.


I have been so drawn to containers lately. Especially vintage containers in pretty subdued colors. 


The Jesus print was a special find, as I had badly wanted a larger version I found at the flea but unfortunately had to pass up. This was my first find on my road trip, and I knew it was meant for me.

I don’t know why I keep buying these vintage hangers. Maybe it’s the vintage satin and velvet fabric. Or maybe it is because they are only 29 cents at the Treasure Chest.

Do you see the lovely silver dresser set and that beautiful white platter? Emily found those for me!! Is that girl good or what? I love the patina of the silver, and old white dishes make my heart sing. I have a hutch full. 


Meet Sarah. She was too cheap inexpensive to pass up. I don’t know much about these pincushion girls, except that they are always priced high. This one was a bit frazzled, like me. She even still had some pretty pins in her tushion. She gladly resides now among the white dishes.


I hope you are all scoring great finds with the winding down of garage sale season! Should you hit a dry patch, hop in the car and drive to the next state over if you have to!

Wishing you green lights and happy finds!




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A secondhand nursery

With my first daughter, I bought everything new. I spent $500 on nursery furniture. I spent $400 on nursery bedding with coordinating decor. (Not to mention all the extras they tell you that you’ll need!) Every baby place I went convinced me that I needed this or I needed that. Have you seen the registry “suggestion” lists out there? In no way does anyone need all that stuff! It only took me one child to learn that lesson.

This is Charlotte’s nursery. It is almost completely second hand. She is 18 months old now, and a big girl room is just around the corner. You can bet it will be thrifted too!



The petite chandelier is from Target ($19.99) and it was in Brooklyn’s room when she was a baby. This dresser was a thrifted find, for $19.98. This is what it looked like when I found it:

dresser before

Primer and Paint, and a stash of hardware, are secret weapons every thrifter should have!

I found this pottery barn kids crib with mattress at a garage sale I just happened by, for $100!



The crib bumper was from target (clearance $13.98) and the PBK crib sheet was on clearance for $9. I have lots and lots of crib sheets that I have thrifted. I have seen complete bedding sets (sheet/bumper/dust ruffle) at thrift stores for $2.98! I find sheets for $1.98. This striped dust ruffle was thrifted for $1.98. I will never pay full retail price for baby bedding again. I have found such great quality at thrift stores for so much less!


I found this toy box at Paramount Antique mall. It was already that peachy pink color, and only $14. It even had a safety hinge!


The hat hook bar also came from Paramount. ($16) I love that place. The ladies (and gentlemen) who work there are so nice. They have incredible customer service. You can join Paramount’s email list, and you will receive emails when they are having storewide sales. During sale weekends, the booths are anywhere from 10-30% off. And I will share a little insiders tip: if you are purchasing an item over $20, that isn’t already on sale or discounted and not marked firm, you can politely request that they take 10% off. They will almost always give the discount if you ask. (This isn’t considered rude or insulting, the dealers are aware of this secret when pricing their items. I may have been a dealer at one point in time…)

The old dresses were collected here and there from garage sales, thrifting, and ebay. The yellow one I bought for $6 at an antique mall. I don’t usually like to buy these from malls because they are somewhat popular and too pricey.


The blue green stool was thrifted for $8. Vintage jewelry box $2.98, vintage embroidered ‘C’ was $7, vintage lampshade $2.98, all thrifted.


Vintage wicker doll cradle (in that perfect shade of pink) was $15, from paramount. The sweet little baby was from the chichi DAV for $8.98.


This baby book is from the 1920’s. It was filled out, complete with pictures, cards, and even a lock of hair! I found it at an antique mall in Salina for $12.

I spray painted the little shelf. I love the old dingy baby lamb. She was the inspiration for Charlie’s room…


The vintage bear was free at a garage sale. The vintage bunny was $3. The grey frame was on clearance for $3.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at my second hand nursery! Stay tuned for Brooklyn’s room…

Happy Thrifting!


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Estate Sales

Estate sales are an inevitable part of the hunt. I really love old things. Old people have old things. Old people are also closer to the average age of life expectancy. I have a hard time with estate sales. I only go to estate sales if one of the sisters is going, or if I happen to drive by a sign. I don’t like the feeling, in general. And it is made even worse by those estate sale crazies that will plow you over if you are in the way. It all feels like… scavenging. 

When thrifting, I see stuff. At estate sales, I see somebody’s life. I am not ashamed to admit (but maybe a little embarrassed) that I have cried at more than one estate sale. 

Like, when I stopped at one down the street from my grandma’s house and found this:


Notebooks packed full of recipes, some clipped and some written, from as far back as the 1950’s. A lifetime of recipes saved and no grand daughter to cherish them. I paid $3. Sometimes I morph from sad mode to rescue mode. I start grabbing all the sentimental stuff that I would want from my grammy.


Like letters. I am a sucker for letters and cards. How could I leave a letter that a woman had saved since 1938? I cried when I read her letters too.

I am working on changing my attitude about estate sales because Emily and Melissa are practically estate sale professionals and they make the experience delightful. It’s just going to take some practice and some rescuing. With that, I will leave you with this video. It is HILARIOUS and if you have made it through this post you deserve a good laugh.


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Where is Kit?

I would say that Melissa is the most thorough “peruser” when the three of us thrift and garage sale together. Emily is a close second. (No wonder I am always asking them how they find so much great stuff.) I usually have two kiddos in tow, so I am a scanner. Now if I see some sort of interesting container, I will peek inside. I will crouch down to see those items on the bottom shelf. But in general, I have a system for the thrift stores I frequent. Due to many less then fruitful garage sale ventures (and the lack of funds), I haven’t even stopped to scan. Yesterday Melissa called me very excited about all her finds. She demanded that I come over to photograph her sweet finds, and I was happy to come see what all the excitement was about. Who says one thrifted sister can’t live vicariously through the other?

Melissa has just moved to her new vintage place. We have been lovingly referring to it as “the compound” because it just seems to go on and on. Her new home is perfect for her! It has tall ceilings, beautiful built ins, french doors, plenty of room for her boys and vibrant colors splashed on the walls. Melissa’s kind of colors. The best part? All of her “weird stuff” looks right at home. Actually, the best part is seeing Melissa so excited about her new place. A new home means new things to add to the thrifting list! I’d say she is off to a good start…


Where’s Kit?


I have vintage stapler and teeny tiny yellow alarm clock envy. I know Emily is going to have game/fake food envy.


Aren’t the owl pictures FABULOUS? Word has it, Melissa stole bargained for them.

We miss Emily something terrible, but we can’t wait to see what she brings back from her trip!!! We can’t wait to see you Emily!

Because I am all about saving money, I thought I would pass along a great bargain complements of…

51AcK4EZXAL._SS400_Right now at you can get a year subscription of REAL SIMPLE magazine for $5!!! I added a $10 subscription to Country Living magazine. At checkout, amazon took an additonal $5 off. Two great magazines, for one year, for $10!!! There are many other discounted subscriptions. I hope the shelter magazines we have left survive this economy. I sure do miss Country home and Domino…

Happy Thrifting!




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Kali’s secondhand shopping list

Yesterday Emily noted the importance of listmaking. Here’s mine:

  1. A truck from the 1940’s (dreaming…)
  2. Cloches
  3. Vintage clothing, especially pre-1960
  4. Old religious items (rosaries, prints, mini statues of Mary/Jesus, old Bibles)
  5. Old sheet music
  6. Vintage horse show/rodeo award ribbons
  7. Vintage horse/botanical/bird prints or paintings
  8. Vintage dresser top hat stand
  9. Antique dress form
  10. Boudoir sets or boudoir pillows circa 1920s
  11. Old sewing notions: millinery, ribbon, lace, buttons
  12. Vintage jewelry and cosmetics
  13. Anything bird-related
  14. Old baby and children’s items
  15. Vintage recipe books and recipe holders
  16. My very own vintage bike!
  17. Old linens
  18. I would love to find antique wedding items with pictures framed in a shadow box
  19. Any furniture with good lines or that is chippy, white, rusty, light blue
  20. Old mirrors, especially ones that have acquired age spots

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Favorite Finds: Groovy high chair

[vintage highchair – $6.98!, originally uploaded by Thrifted Sisters.]

Kali squealed, then Melissa and Emily ran over and assured her she would be crazy not to buy it. $6.98 at the Value Center.

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June finds

I couldn’t resist the big blue basket. I think it was Emily who once said something like they should have laws regulating the making of baskets. There are way too many baskets at thrift stores. But this one was big and blue and a little chippy. I plan on putting it to use holding my gardening gear.

The vintage bird prints were a happy find. Isn’t the frame peculiar? ($2.98)

The vintage hanger was 29 cents. I find it funny that the treasure chest prices things at 29 cents. Not 30 cents. 29 cents.

The white candle holder (?) is iron and very heavy. I have some ideas for this one. ($2.98)

I thought the chandelier would be pretty hanging from a tree with some of the candles Emily gave me. My idea of perfect lighting for dinner al fresco. Of course I will be painting it. ($5.99)

I found a dirty ziploc bag which looked to contain vintage buttons. For 29 cents, I just tossed it in my cart. But they are screwy buttons. I am embarrassed to say I don’t know what these are used for… upholstery maybe?

Stay tuned for my “candlelier” before and after…

Happy thrifting!


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