Thrifted Sisters is a group of friends with shared interests: bargains, junk, sorting and sifting, remaking and reusing, and beautiful things (among others). We’re variously mothers and childless, in relationships and not, city girls and country girls, and our ages span almost a decade. The beautiful thing about our partnership is we’re almost always looking for completely different things: three women, three distinct styles and shopping lists.

Emily is a Cardinals baseball fan and hamburger junky who lives in the Fairmount neighborhood of Wichita along with her boyfriend, Brian, Guapo-the-cat, and Lulu-the-pug. In spring 2009 she closed her first business, a shop in the College Hill neighborhood of Wichita called Frank & Margaret. Consequently, she’s enjoying having a spare moment for the first time since ’07. Emily’s style is heavily influenced by the modernist movement, though she finds strict modernism boring and a little joyless. So her space is all about clean lines with fabulist touches (fake food, anyone?). When she’s not daydreaming about business #2, Emily combs her favorite thrift haunts: the Delano DAV, the Value Center, junk shops, and auctions in rural Kansas. Her permanent thrift shopping list includes old metal boxes, vintage paper and craft supplies, and well-priced California pottery. You can also find Emily on Twitter and her tumblelog trial & error.

Kali lives in northwest Wichita with her two beautiful daughters, Brooklyn and Charlotte. In between combing flea markets for anything creamy, chipped, and sweetly embroidered, Kali takes fantastic photographic portraits, and her talent for composition makes her the official Thrifted Sisters photographer. Kali is the only talented poker player you may ever meet who claims she can’t bluff. She dreams of a house in the country filled with all of her thrifting treasures. You can also keep up with her on her personal blog Eleven Birdies.

Melissa has a style all her own, best summarized as “weird things,” which often include ’70’s colors, owls, or mushrooms. She raises her two sons, Tommy and Nate, in Augusta, Kansas, just east of Wichita. Melissa might be the bluntest of the three of us, which makes her an excellent shopping companion. A decorative painting major (and marketing minor) at Wichita State, she’s most interested in transforming and manipulating her thrift finds. Current project: Decorating her kitchen in 1970’s Tupperware colors.


4 responses to “About

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  2. Way cool concept for a blog, particularly since it has such a refreshing, funky style: certainly not out-of-date or dull, thankfully not obsessed with being hip, perhaps a little twisted, definitely authentic and accessible. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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  4. How come you don’t blog any more. Love the blog!!

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