Thrift Mystery (solved): Tupperware Butter Huggers

Tupperware Butter Up Butter Hugger
One of the thrift stores we hit in Artesia, N.M., was holding a three-dollar bag day for all the goods in their “dollar room.” The “bag” part of bag day turned out to be a tall kitchen trash bag, not the grocery sacks I’m used to frantically stuffing with merchandise.
$3 bag haul
So I was much less discriminating than I might have been otherwise. I picked up two yellow Tupperware utensils and added them to the pile without giving them much consideration. I assumed they were garlic presses. Anthony Bourdain may consider them “abominations,” but I’ve been strangely drawn to vintage Tupperware of late, so into the bag they went.

Upon further examination we discovered they were not in fact garlic presses. I turned to Google, searching for “tupperware utensil,” “tupperware device,” “tupperware handheld,” etc. No dice. My best guess was tea infuser, which sent me on a wild goose chase because Tupperware has produced an infuser recently. In a moment of inspiration, Melissa hit upon its use: a combination corn-on-the-cob butterer/salter. Of course they originally came as a set with cob holders.

And lo and behold, Tupperware is still producing Butter Huggers, now new and improved with two compartments for salt and pepper.

We’ll have to grill some summer sweet corn soon.

Until next time, happy thrifting!



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5 responses to “Thrift Mystery (solved): Tupperware Butter Huggers

  1. Natalie

    This is so great. I was just telling my husband about these little buttering items yesterday. My mother had them, along with the cob holders, a gift from an aunt. He had no idea what I was talking about and I’m pretty sure I did a poor job of describing.

  2. Emily Christensen

    How well do they work? I’m a little skeptical about how well the butter stays in the little holder. (We have yet to grill corn on the cob since we returned home.)

  3. Jason

    Haha! Awesome! Thank you so much… my mom gave me a whole box of old tupperware from back when i was a kid in south africa. One of these was in the box and it’s taken me 20 minutes of intense googling to find this article of yours….. As you can tell it was bugging me, and thanks to you I can sleep peacefully tonight!
    Thanks again!

  4. Shannon

    I have spent almost a decade trying to figure out what this gadget was that came in a box of my grandmothers kitchen utensils. She had gone to heaven so I couldn’t ask her. No one that visited my kitchen could guess what it was. I, too, at first thought it was a garlic press. I am so excited and relieved to know what it is. Now I can finally use it & see how well it works!

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