A secondhand nursery

With my first daughter, I bought everything new. I spent $500 on nursery furniture. I spent $400 on nursery bedding with coordinating decor. (Not to mention all the extras they tell you that you’ll need!) Every baby place I went convinced me that I needed this or I needed that. Have you seen the registry “suggestion” lists out there? In no way does anyone need all that stuff! It only took me one child to learn that lesson.

This is Charlotte’s nursery. It is almost completely second hand. She is 18 months old now, and a big girl room is just around the corner. You can bet it will be thrifted too!



The petite chandelier is from Target ($19.99) and it was in Brooklyn’s room when she was a baby. This dresser was a thrifted find, for $19.98. This is what it looked like when I found it:

dresser before

Primer and Paint, and a stash of hardware, are secret weapons every thrifter should have!

I found this pottery barn kids crib with mattress at a garage sale I just happened by, for $100!



The crib bumper was from target (clearance $13.98) and the PBK crib sheet was on clearance for $9. I have lots and lots of crib sheets that I have thrifted. I have seen complete bedding sets (sheet/bumper/dust ruffle) at thrift stores for $2.98! I find sheets for $1.98. This striped dust ruffle was thrifted for $1.98. I will never pay full retail price for baby bedding again. I have found such great quality at thrift stores for so much less!


I found this toy box at Paramount Antique mall. It was already that peachy pink color, and only $14. It even had a safety hinge!


The hat hook bar also came from Paramount. ($16) I love that place. The ladies (and gentlemen) who work there are so nice. They have incredible customer service. You can join Paramount’s email list, and you will receive emails when they are having storewide sales. During sale weekends, the booths are anywhere from 10-30% off. And I will share a little insiders tip: if you are purchasing an item over $20, that isn’t already on sale or discounted and not marked firm, you can politely request that they take 10% off. They will almost always give the discount if you ask. (This isn’t considered rude or insulting, the dealers are aware of this secret when pricing their items. I may have been a dealer at one point in time…)

The old dresses were collected here and there from garage sales, thrifting, and ebay. The yellow one I bought for $6 at an antique mall. I don’t usually like to buy these from malls because they are somewhat popular and too pricey.


The blue green stool was thrifted for $8. Vintage jewelry box $2.98, vintage embroidered ‘C’ was $7, vintage lampshade $2.98, all thrifted.


Vintage wicker doll cradle (in that perfect shade of pink) was $15, from paramount. The sweet little baby was from the chichi DAV for $8.98.


This baby book is from the 1920’s. It was filled out, complete with pictures, cards, and even a lock of hair! I found it at an antique mall in Salina for $12.

I spray painted the little shelf. I love the old dingy baby lamb. She was the inspiration for Charlie’s room…


The vintage bear was free at a garage sale. The vintage bunny was $3. The grey frame was on clearance for $3.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at my second hand nursery! Stay tuned for Brooklyn’s room…

Happy Thrifting!



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5 responses to “A secondhand nursery

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love seeing what people do with thrifted finds. I once bought a hideous dresser from a 1970s girls’ bedroom suite for $35. My husband was appalled, but I refinished it and made it beautiful. It now sits in our dining room as a sideboard. I get so many compliments on it. It’s very satisfying to take something old and ugly and make it pretty and useful.

    I’ll definitely be back to visit your blog! Found you through a comment you left on the Frugal Homemaker’s blog.

  2. Kindred spirits y’all are! Gorgeous room! Almost makes me want to have a munchkin.

  3. Hey Kali – This room is beautiful! Very tasteful, very warm, and very inviting. It’s very much the nursery I’d want for my child.

    Great finds and gorgeous staging!

  4. I love the room! Baby stuff makes millions in retail, but this room has character. The babybook is my fave and it was even found in my hometown: Salina, KS.

  5. Mel

    This is too perfect. I feel like this was written just for me.

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