Garage sale signs: their greatest hits

Thad's early-bird sign

Running across interesting signage is one of my favorite parts of garage-sale shopping. No matter what this crankypants thinks, I love the color they add to the urban landscape every summer weekend.

Thad made the above sign for his garage sale last weekend, which highly amused everyone who came to help out. (It worked: No one knocked on the front door before 8 a.m.) Here are some of the best garage-and-yard-sale signs culled from around the web.


[yard sale signs by Captain_Glitterpants]

These signs discouraging earlybirds may be the most creative I’ve seen. My favorite: “Johnny Cochran says … ‘If it’s not 8, you must wait!’

Doubletake-worthy content

[X-Wife Yard Sale, originally uploaded by eraut.]

My researched turned up a few different garage-sale signs in this general vein. They range from defiant to sad.

[Day 15/365 – Best Yard Sale sign Ever!, originally uploaded by Racergirl1313.]

Honesty really is the best policy, don’t you think? I love that “yard sale” is in parentheses, just in case a wandering stable owner misconstrued the sign as an offer of free manure.

Pop-Culture References

Not sure which I like better about this sign: the message, or the design’s homage to the Clash’s first album. Found at World Famous Design Junkies, along with a Sex Pistols-inspired sign.

Best. Yard Sale. Ever.

[Best.Yard.Sale.Ever., originally uploaded by BrittneyBush]

Find many bargains, you will.  Hmmmmmm. (Full disclosure: I’m not a Star Wars expert, so I relied on the Yoda-Speak Generator to come up with that sentence. For all your Yoda translation needs, check it out.)


[Seattle Yard Sale Sign, originally uploaded by mindfulbreath]

Okay, this sale may have taken place in Seattle, but I can hear my Bostonian uncle say it in his hometown accent.

I couldn’t post this Flickr photo, but it’s my favorite example of a regional sign. From Hollywood, Calif.:  “Help Fiance [sic] My Films.”

I found so many bizarre, pretty, and funny signs I started a Flickr group to collect them. So stay tuned for the greatest hits, vol. 2.

Until next time, happy thrifting!


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3 responses to “Garage sale signs: their greatest hits

  1. I hate, hate, hate when people come early to yard sales. I am totally going to copy some of those signs when I have my next one.

    BTW, I took these photos during the citywide sales in Bel Aire a few months ago:

  2. Another great post! And of course I giggled like a kinder-gardener when I saw the Star Wars sign.

  3. dgstrong

    Our signs always say “Early Birds Pay Double” and we mean it.

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