Friend Fridays: Chandra’s summer dresses


Our friend Chandra has one of the best-developed personal styles of almost anyone I know. She’s been impressing me with her thrift-shopping capabilities ever since we first met five years ago, and (even better) almost all of the thrifted dresses I own came into my life via Chandra’s closet. She’ll soon graduate with an MFA in poetry from Wichita State, but I think Chandra should start a thrift-store personal shopping service on the side. I know I’d be a client.

Chandra purchased the above red-and-white flowered dress at a $10 bag sale at the Salvation Army on Seneca and 31st Street South. (“The friends I was with weren’t that impressed at the time. Some people have no imagination.”) The gray vintage purse is from the YWCA Treasure Chest on one of their 50% off days ($1.48).


Chandra selected this demure green-and-white dress to wear last Easter. Personally, I’m jealous of the amazing print ($3, the Salvation Army in Lawrence, Kansas).

As the $10 clothing bag queen, Chandra has graciously agreed to expound at length on the topic in the future. For now, here’s her basic advice for buying thrifted clothing:

  • Check for stains.
  • Make sure all zippers and seams are in decent shape.
  • Don’t be afraid to try everything on.
  • If you read fashion magazines, tear out looks you like, then keep an eye out when you’re thrifting. Chandra carries her favorite clippings in her wallet.

Many thanks to Chandra for sharing her finds. And thanks also to Jack, the photogenic puggle pictured alongside Chandra.

Until next time, happy thrifting!

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