Thad’s garage sale


Our friend Thad’s grandma died recently. This weekend he’s holding a garage/estate sale to sell most of her possessions, so Melissa and I went over to help set up today. (Here she’s wearing a handmade smock we found in a box of linens which just so happens to match her kitchen exactly.) This is the third garage sale I’ve participated in this summer, the first time I’ve helped with a sale since I was a middle-schooler and a family I babysat for had yearly sales. It turns out I love hanging out at garage sales all day. For one thing, it’s entirely appropriate to drink beer in the morning when you’re having a garage sale. For another, it’s an easy way to get a tan. But my very favorite part? Best people watching ever. Garage-sale shoppers are usually hard-core and occasionally nuts.

Next week we’re going to pool our collective garage-sale wisdom and offer a few tips for both buyers and sellers. For now we’re helping out and taking notes. The sale will be held at 932 S Holyoke near Lincoln & Hillside tomorrow and Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. I snapped a few photos of the goods while we were arranging everything.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos before we’d stacked the furniture underneath a canopy. The green rattan-frame armchair and ottoman are amazing. There’s a matching glass-topped coffee table, too. I love the pattern. Thad has all three pieces priced at $150. The chaise recliner underneath it is a little beat up but still functional ($25).

Some of the more valuable and collectible dishes and housewares. My favorite: a four-piece metal canister set with matching salt and pepper shakers ($12). There’s also a small selection of Fire King, Pyrex, Fiestaware, and a few primitive odds and ends.

I’m a little mad for the Marblehead game ($35). I wanted to be sure to take a photo of the picture, since Kali likes representations of mothers and daughters.

I already snagged my two favorite pieces of costume jewelry, but there’s lots more plus many fun small things like the souvenir-of-Kansas magnifying glass, a couple of religious medals, and a membership coin to a superhero club of some sort. (See more photos of sparkly things on Flickr.)

Thad has lots of tools for sale which is great, because when people holler “Do you have any tools for sale?” from their trucks, we can yell “YES!” For some reason, this seems to be the number one question of garage-sale shoppers. Some seasoned sellers also theorize that guy stuff like tools means couples will spend more time at your sale. And one thing retail and thrifting have in common is that the more time spent browsing, the likelier the customer is to spend money.

I’m off to buy some High Life or PBR (the top garage-sale beers, in case you were wondering). Do stop by and say hi this weekend if you can. Otherwise, until next time–happy thrifting!

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