Estate Sales

Estate sales are an inevitable part of the hunt. I really love old things. Old people have old things. Old people are also closer to the average age of life expectancy. I have a hard time with estate sales. I only go to estate sales if one of the sisters is going, or if I happen to drive by a sign. I don’t like the feeling, in general. And it is made even worse by those estate sale crazies that will plow you over if you are in the way. It all feels like… scavenging. 

When thrifting, I see stuff. At estate sales, I see somebody’s life. I am not ashamed to admit (but maybe a little embarrassed) that I have cried at more than one estate sale. 

Like, when I stopped at one down the street from my grandma’s house and found this:


Notebooks packed full of recipes, some clipped and some written, from as far back as the 1950’s. A lifetime of recipes saved and no grand daughter to cherish them. I paid $3. Sometimes I morph from sad mode to rescue mode. I start grabbing all the sentimental stuff that I would want from my grammy.


Like letters. I am a sucker for letters and cards. How could I leave a letter that a woman had saved since 1938? I cried when I read her letters too.

I am working on changing my attitude about estate sales because Emily and Melissa are practically estate sale professionals and they make the experience delightful. It’s just going to take some practice and some rescuing. With that, I will leave you with this video. It is HILARIOUS and if you have made it through this post you deserve a good laugh.


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4 responses to “Estate Sales

  1. amy dee

    I LOVE estate sales. So much stuff in one place! They are like 25 garage sales put together. Especially good for old stuff.

    Good find on the recipe book and letters.

    What I like best from estate sales:
    – old suitcases
    – jewelry
    – family pictures/snapshots
    – kitchen stuff
    – quilts

    One of the reasons I like estate sales is because I didn’t get much stuff from my grandparents on one side. I wish I did. So buying other people’s grandparents stuff feels like some kind of restitution….

    • kali kerr

      Oh girls. I am glad that you get it! Ironically, I was asked to help organize and run an estate sale this weekend! A first for me…

      Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  2. Jennifer

    I feel bad at estate sales, too! It’s like seeing someone else’s entire life and trivializing it into unthinkable pieces. I end up feeling like I’m invading their proverbial medicine cabinet, as well as their actual cabinets. Guilt abounds me.

  3. I can never seem to find the “cool” stuff at estate sales, but I am fascinated by vinyl records. I just don’t have a record player…

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