Where is Kit?

I would say that Melissa is the most thorough “peruser” when the three of us thrift and garage sale together. Emily is a close second. (No wonder I am always asking them how they find so much great stuff.) I usually have two kiddos in tow, so I am a scanner. Now if I see some sort of interesting container, I will peek inside. I will crouch down to see those items on the bottom shelf. But in general, I have a system for the thrift stores I frequent. Due to many less then fruitful garage sale ventures (and the lack of funds), I haven’t even stopped to scan. Yesterday Melissa called me very excited about all her finds. She demanded that I come over to photograph her sweet finds, and I was happy to come see what all the excitement was about. Who says one thrifted sister can’t live vicariously through the other?

Melissa has just moved to her new vintage place. We have been lovingly referring to it as “the compound” because it just seems to go on and on. Her new home is perfect for her! It has tall ceilings, beautiful built ins, french doors, plenty of room for her boys and vibrant colors splashed on the walls. Melissa’s kind of colors. The best part? All of her “weird stuff” looks right at home. Actually, the best part is seeing Melissa so excited about her new place. A new home means new things to add to the thrifting list! I’d say she is off to a good start…


Where’s Kit?


I have vintage stapler and teeny tiny yellow alarm clock envy. I know Emily is going to have game/fake food envy.


Aren’t the owl pictures FABULOUS? Word has it, Melissa stole bargained for them.

We miss Emily something terrible, but we can’t wait to see what she brings back from her trip!!! We can’t wait to see you Emily!

Because I am all about saving money, I thought I would pass along a great bargain complements of http://www.thethriftyhome.com…

51AcK4EZXAL._SS400_Right now at amazon.com you can get a year subscription of REAL SIMPLE magazine for $5!!! I added a $10 subscription to Country Living magazine. At checkout, amazon took an additonal $5 off. Two great magazines, for one year, for $10!!! There are many other discounted subscriptions. I hope the shelter magazines we have left survive this economy. I sure do miss Country home and Domino…

Happy Thrifting!




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2 responses to “Where is Kit?

  1. Emily Christensen

    I’m envious of: the stapler (of course), the nightie (not that it would fit me…), and that greenish box, whatever it is–it looks enviable.

    Believe it or not, I missed Kit the first time around.

    Can’t wait to help decorate the new place. See y’all in a week or so…

  2. Tell your friend that Facts in Five is one of my fam’s fave games. It not only have great kitschy cover art it is a fun game!

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