Thrifty road trip

Brian and I are heading out of town tomorrow at oh-dark-hundred to visit both of our families (first a reunion in Texas, then on to southern Arizona). The combined trip will take at least two weeks, which should test the limits of our budget-consciousness. I’m still hoping that careful spending (bringing a cooler with food, camping part of the time, mooching off our families) will allow for a little bargain shopping. Because there’s nothing I’d rather do on vacation* than sifting through junk in some poorly air-conditioned roadside shop.

So if you know of any must-stop flea markets, thrift stores, or junk shops in west Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona, do let me know in the comments.

Stay tuned for Melissa’s thrifting manifesto, my secondhand shopping list, and a new weekly feature, Friend Fridays, which will highlight the thrifty finds of our network of bargain shoppers. We’ll kick off the series tomorrow with some seriously extraordinary shoes from Natalie.

And of course I’ll be blogging my finds from the road. Until next time, happy thrifting!

*Although I’m also fond of eating fantastic local food and floating in the ocean.

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