RIP fabulous chair, we will never forget you

Outrageous chair, originally uploaded by Thrifted Sisters.

This was one of Melissa’s final purchases during our thrifting marathon last Friday. We’d already beat a path around the city, and Mel’s Saturn was groaning with our purchases.

I spotted the chair first but forgot to alert Melissa–fortunately, she noticed and pounced on it before someone else did. The colors are even a little brighter than in the picture, and the upholstery is in excellent shape. Originally priced at $19.98, it was $9.99 after the 50% off discount.

See how well it goes with the owl print?

Because the chair wouldn’t fit in the car, Melissa arranged to return on Sunday for pick-up.

Except … on Sunday the chair wasn’t there. Amid the mania of 50% off day, one of their employees must not have taken it off the floor or labeled it as sold.

Lesson learned, I guess: If the thrift is busy, either cart the goodies away yourself or make darned sure no one else does.

But oh, flowered chair! We will never forget you.


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2 responses to “RIP fabulous chair, we will never forget you

  1. smg

    tip 4 next time … always take a cushion from item you plan to return 4 later … nearly never will a sofa or chair sell that is missing one – ditto take 1 drawer, take any small part of the item!

  2. Emily Christensen

    That’s an excellent idea … making a mental note. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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