The things you leave behind

I’ve picked up and put down this old lunch box at least half a dozen times over the past couple of months at the Central & Edgemoor DAV. It looks as though the pattern was painted over in white, then the owner applied red tape to one side and yellow tape to the other. The owner’s name and emergency numbers are written in tape on the inside.

The first time I saw it I was smitten, but I was also broke and the box was marked $8.98.

Over the next few weeks I visited it every time I stopped by the store. I’ve already mentioned that I’m addicted to stories, and the lunch box is rife with narrative possibilities. My (forthcoming) secondhand shopping list also calls for old metal boxes. But oh, $8.98. I just couldn’t do it.

I took these pictures on our thrifting marathon last Friday, when everything at the DAV was 50% off.

I didn’t buy the lunch box.

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