Emily’s thrifting manifesto

I began thrifting fifteen-odd years ago becuase I couldn’t afford to pay retail for everything I wanted. Now I thrift because I simply prefer it to other forms of shopping.

I thrift because I enjoy the hunt.

I thift because I’m a narrative addict, and a secondhand item often comes with a story (if merely the story of how you acquired it).

I thrift because I prize highly individual style over a houseful of mass-produced goods from big-box stores.

I thrift for some of the same reasons people restore old cars or adopt pets from animal shelters: I want to give an older thing a new life.

I thrift because it helps me be more observant.

I thrift because I always seem to learn something new when bargain hunting.

I thrift because a stop at a garage sale or thrift shop can be a miniature archeological adventure that sometimes takes on a meditative quality. Thrifting gets me out of my head.

I thrift because its a way of imposing order on absolute chaos, and I rarely manage to accomplish that by any other means.

I thrift because I believe junk is beautiful and inspiring.


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6 responses to “Emily’s thrifting manifesto

  1. Wow, you have perfectly articulated all my incoherent thoughts about thrifting!

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  3. great manifesto..
    I hope to write a specific thrift manifesto someday.
    Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Emily Christensen

    Oh, please do! I’m fascinated by all the different motivations different people have for thrifting. There truly is no single “typical thrifter” or reason to thrift.

  5. I do it because it’s just plain fun.

  6. Emily Christensen

    Hm…not sure how I left that one out. šŸ™‚ But yes, of course. We’ve spent half of our current vacation thrifting primarily because it IS fun.

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