Kali’s secondhand shopping list

Yesterday Emily noted the importance of listmaking. Here’s mine:

  1. A truck from the 1940’s (dreaming…)
  2. Cloches
  3. Vintage clothing, especially pre-1960
  4. Old religious items (rosaries, prints, mini statues of Mary/Jesus, old Bibles)
  5. Old sheet music
  6. Vintage horse show/rodeo award ribbons
  7. Vintage horse/botanical/bird prints or paintings
  8. Vintage dresser top hat stand
  9. Antique dress form
  10. Boudoir sets or boudoir pillows circa 1920s
  11. Old sewing notions: millinery, ribbon, lace, buttons
  12. Vintage jewelry and cosmetics
  13. Anything bird-related
  14. Old baby and children’s items
  15. Vintage recipe books and recipe holders
  16. My very own vintage bike!
  17. Old linens
  18. I would love to find antique wedding items with pictures framed in a shadow box
  19. Any furniture with good lines or that is chippy, white, rusty, light blue
  20. Old mirrors, especially ones that have acquired age spots

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