DAV déjà vu

A first yesterday at the Delano DAV: I was strolling through the dishware aisle when I saw three wood bowls:


I knew they were agatized wood because I’ve owned them before and always liked … Hey wait … three bowls.


Sure enough, these were formerly my agatized wood bowls. I sold three of the six in a garage sale just a few weeks ago and dropped the orphans at the East Central DAV at the end of the weekend.

I very nearly kept these, but we’re suffering from an excess of bowls chez Emily, so off they went. It was good to see them again, however briefly. (No, I did not re-purchase them, though the thought crossed my mind.)


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2 responses to “DAV déjà vu

  1. It is somewhat surreal when this happens…and I can only recall it happening one time to me,with a cool chalk angel planter from the 60’s (particularly large ,which is why I donated it!),oh how I almost forked over 7 bux and re-purchased it from the goodwill…….,I thought it might be a sign that it was really supposed to be mine. Love your blog!

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