June finds

I couldn’t resist the big blue basket. I think it was Emily who once said something like they should have laws regulating the making of baskets. There are way too many baskets at thrift stores. But this one was big and blue and a little chippy. I plan on putting it to use holding my gardening gear.

The vintage bird prints were a happy find. Isn’t the frame peculiar? ($2.98)

The vintage hanger was 29 cents. I find it funny that the treasure chest prices things at 29 cents. Not 30 cents. 29 cents.

The white candle holder (?) is iron and very heavy. I have some ideas for this one. ($2.98)

I thought the chandelier would be pretty hanging from a tree with some of the candles Emily gave me. My idea of perfect lighting for dinner al fresco. Of course I will be painting it. ($5.99)

I found a dirty ziploc bag which looked to contain vintage buttons. For 29 cents, I just tossed it in my cart. But they are screwy buttons. I am embarrassed to say I don’t know what these are used for… upholstery maybe?

Stay tuned for my “candlelier” before and after…

Happy thrifting!


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