Cheap therapy

A conversation with my mother yesterday nearly sent me over the bend, so Brian and I hopped into the truck and beat our path to a thrift store.

I felt immediately calmer the moment I entered. (I can’t afford therapy, but hey, this is the next best thing.)

We hadn’t visited the Salvation Army at 21st and Amidon for some time, though I’ve shopped the south Seneca store a couple of times recently. Both stores are pricier than I remember them being, and I was already in a bad mood when I arrived, so this trip was marked partly by my irritation at some of the prices. For example:

Not that I wanted this set, but I thought $29.95 for a cracked (& badly glued), poorly glazed pitcher/bowl was a little excessive.

I cheered up a little more as I walked toward the back of the store and noticed a few curiosities. Like this guy:

Creepy. (And also possibly a hatless mannequin that wasn’t for sale in the first place. I didn’t actually look for a price tag.)

Whenever I’m shopping I always seem to find things my friends would like. If I were more flush I would have purchased this owl print for Melissa, who has a major thing for owls:

The caption reads: “An enlarged reproduction of an original soapstone carving by Levi of Fort Harrison, east coast of Hudson Bay. From the permanent collection of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild, Montreal.” The print is $17.50 if you want to buy it for Melissa.

The highlight of my shopping trip? Brian.

A thrifted sister couldn’t have a better boyfriend.

I wandered down the huge games aisle and picked up an incomplete set of dominoes and a game of Rook, which we didn’t own yet (95 cents each). Then I happened across my first real find of the day:

Vowel Lotto, a “Dolch Phonics Game,” copyright 1956 by E.W. Dolch. Not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this, but since it fell into two categories I’m interested in (vintage paper/illustration and old games), it was an easy purchase at $2.

On the next aisle I spotted a glass tray with gold detailing on the bottom shelf:


It was as I thought: a Georges Briard tray ($3.95). I know of Briard through my fabulous thrifting blogger friend Brian, who discovered Briard a couple of years ago. If I weren’t super short on trays I might have passed this one along, but I think it’s going to stay with me for now. It might be passed along someday, though.

I picked up a couple of other things, including some truly fantastic vintage ribbon. When I unpacked my bag of goodies last night, I realized I ended up with lots of circles:


The Briard tray is on the bottom, of course, then a nifty tin I bought for Mitchell. Brian had just written about the tin collection, and I think it’ll match the one pictured in Brian’s post. Then the ribbon (two spools for 95 cents) and one of the eight buttons I purchased, also for 95 cents.

I think it all goes together awfully nicely.

Total spent on this trip: $9.20 plus tax. Cheap therapy indeed.

I might have to go back on Friday…


See more photos from my shopping trip at Flickr.

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  1. Amy Franklin

    I would by that owl picture on discount day for Melissa.

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