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Cheap therapy

A conversation with my mother yesterday nearly sent me over the bend, so Brian and I hopped into the truck and beat our path to a thrift store.

I felt immediately calmer the moment I entered. (I can’t afford therapy, but hey, this is the next best thing.)

We hadn’t visited the Salvation Army at 21st and Amidon for some time, though I’ve shopped the south Seneca store a couple of times recently. Both stores are pricier than I remember them being, and I was already in a bad mood when I arrived, so this trip was marked partly by my irritation at some of the prices. For example:

Not that I wanted this set, but I thought $29.95 for a cracked (& badly glued), poorly glazed pitcher/bowl was a little excessive.

I cheered up a little more as I walked toward the back of the store and noticed a few curiosities. Like this guy:

Creepy. (And also possibly a hatless mannequin that wasn’t for sale in the first place. I didn’t actually look for a price tag.)

Whenever I’m shopping I always seem to find things my friends would like. If I were more flush I would have purchased this owl print for Melissa, who has a major thing for owls:

The caption reads: “An enlarged reproduction of an original soapstone carving by Levi of Fort Harrison, east coast of Hudson Bay. From the permanent collection of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild, Montreal.” The print is $17.50 if you want to buy it for Melissa.

The highlight of my shopping trip? Brian.

A thrifted sister couldn’t have a better boyfriend.

I wandered down the huge games aisle and picked up an incomplete set of dominoes and a game of Rook, which we didn’t own yet (95 cents each). Then I happened across my first real find of the day:

Vowel Lotto, a “Dolch Phonics Game,” copyright 1956 by E.W. Dolch. Not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this, but since it fell into two categories I’m interested in (vintage paper/illustration and old games), it was an easy purchase at $2.

On the next aisle I spotted a glass tray with gold detailing on the bottom shelf:


It was as I thought: a Georges Briard tray ($3.95). I know of Briard through my fabulous thrifting blogger friend Brian, who discovered Briard a couple of years ago. If I weren’t super short on trays I might have passed this one along, but I think it’s going to stay with me for now. It might be passed along someday, though.

I picked up a couple of other things, including some truly fantastic vintage ribbon. When I unpacked my bag of goodies last night, I realized I ended up with lots of circles:


The Briard tray is on the bottom, of course, then a nifty tin I bought for Mitchell. Brian had just written about the tin collection, and I think it’ll match the one pictured in Brian’s post. Then the ribbon (two spools for 95 cents) and one of the eight buttons I purchased, also for 95 cents.

I think it all goes together awfully nicely.

Total spent on this trip: $9.20 plus tax. Cheap therapy indeed.

I might have to go back on Friday…


See more photos from my shopping trip at Flickr.


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Let us introduce ourselves

We’re a trio of thrifty women living in and around Wichita, Kansas. With a combined experience of approximately one gazillion years of bargain hunting, we’re the perfect ladies to bring you the lowdown on the local thrift scene (which–as far as we’re concerned–includes thrift stores, auctions, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, estate sale stores, curbside rescues, and so much more). We’ll also use this blog to catalog our findings, opine on the wide world of dealmaking, and occasionally vent our stingy spleens.

A few things you might look for in the coming weeks and months:

  • A series of “thrift tips” for your next secondhand shopping jaunt
  • Thrifting ethics and etiquette
  • Why we thrift (and why you should, too)
  • Our own thrifting shopping lists
  • The upside of buyer’s remorse
  • The complicated world of garage sales (how to hold ’em & how to shop at ’em)

…and so much more. We’ll also maintain a Flickr pool. Stay tuned for a few other features (and undoubtedly some design tweaking) over the summer.

You can learn more about the three of us here.

Happy thrifting!

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